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The Planet Crafter 1.0 Full Release

The Planet Crafter has finally released the full version 1.0 of the game.  Included in the 1.0 version is something a LOT of players have been waiting for, MULTIPLAYER!

  • New online multiplayer co-op mode up to 10 players
  • New big animals creation via DNA manipulation
  • 3 new biomes
  • New lore and end-game content
  • New character animations
  • New cinematic introduction
  • Improvements and rework of existing biomes
  • New items to craft and new mechanics
  • 20 new exclusive music tracks
  • Quality of life and performance improvements

If you’re still looking for a base-building, survival, Terraforming game for you and your friends, get on over to Steam and get TPC NOW! The current deal running is $16.79 (USD) until April 24, 2024, so get it while it’s on discount for you and your friends and get to terraforming!!