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First and foremost, YOU CAN BE A KITTY!!!!!!!! What’s not to love about this game, just from that?

This is not your “ordinary” ghost hunting game. Not one bit. From running around as a cat, collecting new attire(hats) for you and your kitty companion. To Hunting down and destroying those nasty mean Ghosts, Demons, and Witches!! BE GONE EVIL DEMON!! And be sure to wear your lucky hat! Oh, and on a last note, ITS OPEN WORLD.
(Did I mention you can be a KITTY??)

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Full Description about the game can be found below or HERE.

On Dark Terms is an online 1-4 player co-op open-world horror set in a post-apocalyptic world where you have signed a contract with Bwonsombdi – Loa of the Dead – to acquire protection in the form of a cat to look over your spirit while you attempt to investigate and discover a way to push back the Darkness. You’ll scour the open-world for materials that you can use to craft consumables and Bio Fusion that can be used to fight back against the Darkness. Your goal is to enter Dungeons and destroy Dark Matter and absorb the energy created by observing different forms of evidence that spawned in response to the destruction of dark matter. This mysterious energy is the key to survival.

Key Features:
• Open World: On Dark Terms is a completely open-world game where you are encouraged to explore to gather materials for crafting consumables and special Bio Fusion for Dungeons.

• Dungeons: Dungeons are a NEW take on paranormal investigation that pushes to revolutionize the genre by introducing for the First Time, RPG Survival gameplay in an open-world environment containing 6 unique Dungeons located on the World Map – Amusement Park, Library, Mansion, Museum, Mall, Office – and one Training Mode (Practice Dungeon).

• Customization: On Dark Terms has so much to offer when it comes to customization and this Early Access only scratches the surface. You’ll be able to customize your character, player icons, your cat, your cat’s room, your apartment, and your gadgets that you hold with stickers! But did I say CAT ROOM? Oh yes, I did!

• Cat Room Customization: As you grow in level, you’ll gain access to new decorations for your cat’s dedicated room! This room is also where you can rename your cat and/or customize its appearance at any time.

Current Status: Early Access
Release Date: Jun 28, 2023
Controller Support: No
Players: Single/Online Co-Op (1-4 Players)
Genre: Action, Indie, Early Access
Developer/Publisher: Dimensionless Games/Dimensionless Games